Calling about a Yamaha lowering link??

* If you're a shop please click "Dealers" near the lower left side of the screen.

Before calling please, oh please, read the following.

  Every link we sell is listed on this website. If you don't see your bike that means we don't make a link for it which means there's no reason to call asking if we do make a link for it (or if a link we do make will fit your bike that is NOT won't).

  We have no idea about your KLR or Yamaha R1 or the link found in your cousin's backyard. Call your local mechanic and ruin his day with crazy questions.

  If you leave a message outside business hours it will be deleted with the 100 spambot and phone solicitor messages. We're open Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE. Calling at 4pm your time, but 5pm our time will leave you frustrated because No. One. Is. Here.

Hey, thank you for actually reading the 3 biggest time sucks in our world. We like you already! Our number is (208) 850-3434 (remember: closed weekends).