YamaLink WR250F WR400 WR426 WR450F

Gain more confidence touching the ground, increase plushness and decrease fatigue (no bent levers from falling!). Each YamaLink features a convenient grease zerk!

The YamaLink Trail lowers 2015-2020 WR250F & 2016-2020 WR450F rear 30mm/1.25". A 10% heavier spring is recommended if you're not a lightweight.

The YamaLink Race lowers the 2015-2020 WR250F & 2016-2020 WR450F rear 10mm.

** Both Trail & Race link are a STRAIGHT piece & DO NOT look like the rocker below.

All other WRF years are lowered 40mm in the rear after resetting sag. We recommend a 20% heavier spring for these models - unless you're a lightweight - READ: important!.

$135 - $150 + shipping (non-US has 2 shipping options).

Yamaha lowering link
1999 - 2001 WRF 40mm
2002 - 2004 WRF 40mm
2005-2014 WRF 40mm
2015 WR450F 40mm
2015-2020 WR250F/2016-20 WR450 15mm
2015-2020 WR250F/2016-20 WR450 30mm