2008 - 2015 WR250X & WR250R Lowering Link (NOT WR250F)

WR250 lowering video: Highlights WR250R WR250X Link Installation.*You must still read the instructions!

YamaLink is the only WR250 lowering link in the world with a grease zerk! Grease bearings in seconds...or would you rather spend $40 replacing rusty bearings or spending hours tearing your WR250X & WR250R apart several times a year?

Both short & tall Yamaha WR250R 250X riders of all ability agree the YamaLink is a "MUST HAVE" for increasing traction & vastly improving handling. Gain confidence by lowering the seat height almost 2 inches (when combined with the factory .9 inch lowering option). Includes bearings, seals & written install instructions.

$145 + shipping (non-US has 2 options).


2008-15 WR250R/X Black
2008-15 WR250R/X Blue