YamaLink YZ250F & YZ450F

"Let me tell you, the bike was awesome before, but now it's like a Works Dream Bike! The choppy stuff I do NOT even feel now... worth its weight in gold." - ThumperTalk review

YamaLink improves cornering & smooths out the YZF's tendency to stinkbug & pack on braking bumps. Result? Drastically better corner speed!

1) The 40mm/1.5" YamaLink is perfect for light and shorter YZF riders looking for better footing in rocks and steep hills.

2) YamaLink RACE link lowers the YZF up to 18mm/.75" depending on sag. Great for heavier & aggressive riders seeking better traction on starts, crossing ruts & exiting corners.

The YZ250F & YZ450F lowering link requires resetting sag & being properly RE-sprung for rider weight + YamaLink's extra leverage (READ: very important!).

$135 + shipping (non-US has two ship options).

2009 - Yamaha lowering link
2009 YZ250F RACE (18mm)
2009 YZ250F 1.5
2009 YZ450F RACE (18mm)
2009 YZ450F 1.5