YamaLink YZ250FX

You have two options to lower the Yamaha YZ250FX (both include a grease zerk!).

The Yamalink TRAIL is for the inseam-challenged and lightweight racers looking for better cornering & plushness through rocks & square-edge bumps. Lowers the rear 30mm.

The YamaLink RACE is not a traditional "lowering" link. Made for heavier, aggressive riders & racers, it gives the 250 extra traction on dry slick & better control over braking and square-edge bumps. Lowers rear approximately 10mm depending on final race sag.

Both Yamaha lowering links give a lower center of gravity, better cornering & more plushness over square-edge, rocks & roots that cause rider fatigue.

We recommend a heavier spring for the TRAIL YamaLink if you weigh more than Yamaha's factory spring weight range of 165 lb (75kg). More info HERE.

$135 - $145 + delivery (non-US has 2 shipping options).


2015 - 2019 YZ250FX Race (10mm)
2015 - 2019 YZ250FX Trail
2020 - 2021 YZ250FX RACE (10mm)
2020 - 2021 YZ250FX Trail