YamaLink YZ450FX Lowering Link

You have two Yamaha YZ450FX lowering options, both based on our YZ450F lowering link. Each come complete with bearings, seals, install instructions, and grease zerk.

The TRAIL YamaLink is ideal for lightweight, inseam-challenged and trail riders looking for extra plushness over rocks, roots and braking bumps. Lowers the rear 30mm.

The RACE YamaLink is not a traditional "lowering" link, but more of a performance link (aggressive + racer + heavier). Lowers rear 6mm - 10mm depending on final race sag.

Both YZ450FX lowering links give a lower center of gravity resulting in faster corner speed & more plushness over square edge bumps, rocks & roots.

We recommend a heavier spring for the TRAIL YamaLink if you weigh more than Yamaha's factory spring weight range of 170 lb (77kg). More info HERE.

$135 - $145 + shipping (non-US has 2 shipping options).


YZ450FX Race
YZ450FX Trail