Yamaha YZ Lowering Link YZ125 YZ125X

YZ125 & YZ125X riders now have two YamaLink options; each designed with grease zerks and ready to install with bearings and grease seals.

The YZ Trail (40mm, pictured below) is popular with lightweight off-road riders.

The YZ RACE (15mm) was made for tall or aggressive racers. Fits 2006-newer.

Improves traction on flat dryslick corners & power through ruts which normally sends the 125 sideways. Increased plushness on braking bumps with less front end weight transfer.

The YZ Trail 1.5 often requires a heavier spring. Read this (CLICK HERE: important!)

$150 + shipping (non-US has two shipping options).

YZ Limited

1999-2001 YZ125 40mm

2002-2004 YZ125 40mm

2005-2021 YZ125/X 40mm

2006 - 2021 YZ125/X 15mm